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Welcome to “Numbers Speak Louder Than Words” an unorthodox blog and YouTube channel, where your perspective on American culture and education is challenged and broadened by the power of numbers. I’m Dr. Janet Johnson, an experienced evaluator of grant-funded education projects, and I use my 30+ years of professional and academic experience to provide you with insights you might not have considered before.

Educated in the realm of Mathematics Education and pure mathematics, my world view is profoundly shaped by the inherent structures in mathematics. I am fascinated by fundamental assumptions that form the basis of our perspectives. As a former teacher of mathematics from middle school to community college, and university level, I have a unique perspective on how these structures influence not only our education system but also our broader culture.

Why numbers in every blog title, you ask? Because they make us feel good and more open to new ideas, according to a Freakonomics podcast. Each piece invites you to rate your understanding of a topic, delve into its intricate details, and perhaps realize that there’s more tolearn. This process is designed to make you more open to perspectives you may have previously dismissed or overlooked. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a catchy title with numbers?

If you’ve ever wondered how our fundamental assumptions are shifting in these changing times or want to understand how education is evolving to meet these changes, “Numbers Speak Louder Than Words” is the blog and YouTube channel for you. Join me as we delve into these pressing questions and explore the world of education through a mathematical lens. Challenge your understanding and rate your grasp on various topics as we journey together towards broader understanding and perspective.

Looking forward to our mathematical adventures!